watchhypno[1]Let’s face it, there are people who just don’t understand hypnosis and it SCARES them! What are they afraid of?

After nearly 20 years of doing hypnosis professionally their fears can be fit into a few simple categories:

Losing Control
People don’t like thinking that someone else is going to change them even if it’s a change they want. They fear trusting someone enough to let someone else, a skilled hypnotist, to work with their mind.

What I like to point out is by the time they have considered hypnosis they are already out of control. If they could have made the change they want (quit smoking, lose weight, etc.) they already would have.

I further point out that I have no interest or desire to turn anyone into a hypnotic slave as if that were possible!

Fear of “Going Under”
I’ve only heard this a few times but it’s a fear that some people have toward medical anesthesia and losing consciousness.

Let me clear something up, no one loses consciousness during hypnosis. In fact the awareness is sharpened to laser point and aimed giving you the solution you want. Some people CAN be instructed to not remember certain things but this doesn’t work on most hypnosis subjects and is seldom useful. You’ll benefit more by remembering EVERY aspect of what happened in your hypnosis session.

Fear of Doing Something Embarrassing
This fear comes from what people have seen during hypnosis stage shows.

Yes, stage hypnosis is real hypnosis all be it a different strain from clinical hypnosis. People hypnotized during a stage hypnosis show KNOW they are going to be on stage and have some idea what to expect. They are WILLING volunteers.

Not all stage show volunteers are accepted either. A hypnosis show is fast moving and fun so the hypnotist has to select the most cooperative and responsive subjects.

As a hypnotist with decades of experience let me reassure you that you won’t be asked to do anything embarrassing. All I ask you to do is follow my instructions, make the changes I tell you to and, hopefully, pay me for the changes you’ve made.

If you have any concerns or questions about hypnosis please let me know! I’ll answer all your questions.