These audio downloads are for clients of New England Clinical Hypnosis but the general public are welcome to listen to and enjoy them.

Here is where you can download your mp3 of the Sanctuary process. You will get the best results by listening through headphone to minimize any distractions.

Feel free to listen to them all and use the process you most enjoy.

This is an advanced process and is best listened to after getting good results with to two previous sessions.

Your Inner Voice

We all want to do that right thing. Imagine an “inner voice” that always knew the right thing to do and would instantly remind you of it. This voice would be exactly the type of voice you WANT to follow because you KNOW it will always have your best interest in mind.


E-training is an exercise that is designed to enhance responsiveness to all hypnosis processes. Benefits of repeatedly practicing the e-training are increased self-confidence, more positive self-talk, enhanced well-being and the ability to quickly recognize distracting thoughts and activities and let them go.

This is an advanced exercise. If you decide to practice it do it with commitment.


This is a very powerful and effective meditation. Once you learn it, it is always available for you.