This article is for the friend or family member of the person who smokes. I’d like to give a few recommendations on how to best get them to quit smoking.

Be Open
Keep in mind that people start smoking, and continue to smoke, for a lot of reasons. They also quit for many different reasons. For that reason it’s best to avoid nagging them about smoking. Many people started smoking to be rebellious and nagging them can easily make them want to resist your pressure.

It’s best to take on the attitude of “I love you and would love to hear when you decide to quit smoking.”

Be Patient and Persistent
Quitting smoking cold turkey is tough for most people. If they decide to have a cigarette make sure you’re still on their side. Congratulate them on how long they went without smoking and remind them it will get easier every time. Always work from the assumption that eventually they will quit smoking. It’s just a matter of time.

Many smokers no longer think of smoking as a choice. Instead it’s become a habit or addiction. Make sure when you talk about smoking you present smoking as a choice, something you choose to do or choose not to do. This will subtly remind the smoker that no matter how much they crave a cigarette they are choosing to smoke it.

Oh yeah, Don’t Nag!

Be Strong
This means having your own set of rules about smoking. Many people designate their homes and cars as non-smoking areas. That may mean designating a smoking area outdoors or in a garage. This is about showing your support of healthy living and not about being a “health Nazi”.

Make a Recommendation
Tell the smokers in your life that you care about them and you would love to see them quit smoking. Send them to this website or email them this article.

I’ve been helping people quit smoking for almost 20 years. It doesn’t have to hurt to give up cigarettes and tobacco.