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For those people who want to quit smoking it can be a real challenge. For some strange reason smoking becomes a deeply ingrained habit. Its flow of chemicals into our blood stream creates a familiar feeling that we say we like. That’s what makes quitting smoking so hard.

People know they should quit smoking, they know that it should be easy to become a non-smoker, but they just haven’t found the missing piece of the puzzle.

This is also true for people who want to lose weight, or overcome fears and anxiety. They know they SHOULD have control but they don’t feel they have any control.

Because the smoking habit is a deep part of regular behaviors we think that will-power is the missing piece. I’ve only met a few people who successfully used will-power alone to quit smoking. Most of them found it very uncomfortable. For the rest of the smoking world quitting is a painful process. Having been instructed in how to smoke the subconscious mind will continue doing its job creating cravings and urges to smoke. A well trained subconscious mind can insure a smoker will light up a cigarette without thinking.

Only by communicating with the subconscious mind can meaningful change be made that will lead a smoker EASILY to becoming a non-smoker.

This is demonstrated at the end of the hypnosis session when, the now non-smoker, can’t bring up a craving for a cigarette even if they try. They will also identify themselves as a non-smoker instead of a smoker.

What is it like to be hypnotized?

There is a misconception that one goes to sleep or ‘goes out’ when hypnotized. A persons body may seem relaxed in hypnosis. That is because all the real work is being done with the imagination.

For the individual who eagerly follows the instructions of a skilled hypnotist, they have a deeply pleasant, enjoyable and rich internal experience. Hearing a client shout “Wow!” at the end of a session isn’t unexpected. Yes, the experience is often THAT enjoyable.

The pleasure of the hypnosis experience is only a backdrop to the results. A person working with a skilled hypnotist should find in impossible to bring back a craving for a cigarette after their stop smoking hypnosis session. They will also identify themselves as a non-smoker.